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Ocean Governance Training Course

The IOI-SA is in the process of developing a new African regional training course on Ocean Governance. A steering committee has been established with a work plan leading towards the first delivery of the course in 2012. Further funding for the development of the course as well as for participation bursaries is currently being sought.

Regional Implementation of the IMO Ballast Water Convention

The IMO and IOI-SA are collaborating to provide technical assistance to countries within Africa for the implementation of the Ballast Water Convention. A series of National seminars have been held in 6 countries of the East African region including Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia, Comoros, Madagascar and Mozambique. Each national intervention has been able to establish the foundation of a national task force and work plan.

IMO training course development

The IOI-SA Director represented a partnership with the IUCN in two expert workshops held recently to develop a new training course on the Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement aspects of the Ballast Water Convention. The process has been supported by a collaboration between IMO (GloBallast Programme), the World Maritime University and the IUCN, with expert input from the IOI and the Government of Singapore.

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Ballast Water Status Assessment Guidelines Published

IOI-SA has worked with the IMO & GISP to develop and publish the Guidelines for National Ballast Water Status Assessments. These guidelines are designed to help national administrations walk through the process of evaluating and increasing their preparedness for implementation of ballast water management measures in accordance with the IMO BW Convention of 2004. The document is available here for download as PDF, or contact either us at IOI-SA or the IMO/GBP PCU for hard copies.



Ballast Water Status Assessment Guidelines

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